Tuesday, 4 June 2013

BilderBlog - Welcome to Bilderberg


Its that time of year again. It sure as hell isnt Christmas, but the bunch of fat guys in suits might suggest otherwise. This weekend the Bilderberg Group will make the Grove Hotel in Watford look more like an Avengers retirement home than a platform for a geo-political summit. Political luminaries as well as has-beens who should have retired long ago will fly in from around the world to discuss what? Still, nobody knows. But we know they’ll be discussing them with CEO’s of the worlds largest companies, royalty and lobbyists. What little information we can get from www.bilderbergmeetings.org, the official Bilderberg website, is pointless. Although this year they have released the attendees list early. A Bilderberg first. Well done Bilderberg, gold star for you.

The fact remains that the Bilderberg meetings are still one of the most powerful summits on the planet. Who else has the ability to shut down an entire hotel for an entire weekend for their own means with very few people knowing about it?
As a fan of these annual conferences, over the years Ive grown to kind of like the Bilderbergers. Theyre like that drunk Uncle who shows up once in a while and gives you sweets under the dinner table. They provide me with entertainment, mystery and always keep me on my toes. But it would appear that all that is about to change. There is definitely a storm brewing this year. Since I went to the conference in 2010, an awful lot has changed. The amount of people showing up to protest is one. This year Ive heard they will be in their hundreds...if not thousands. Even the mighty Bilderberg Group have changed their stance. Their website has evolved and even has a contact for the media, another Bilderberg first. History is being re-written.
The Telegraph are reporting it, local Watford papers and radio stations are buzzing and Charlie Skelton's articles for The Guardian are going to be another hit. Twitter is exploding and bloggers, video journalists and alternative media have this thing covered from every angle. Apart from the angle everyone wants, which is inside the hotel. But let’s be honest, no one wants to see Kissinger in his skivvies playing water polo with Princess Beatrix.
Over the next week I’ll be running around trying to find a Wi-Fi hotspot to blog once again about the goings on of this years conference, whilst at the same time trying to shoot a documentary. Expect exclusives, news on the Bilderberg Charity, photos of delegates and other such things.

See you in Watford!

I can’t believe it’s an hour from my house. Who’d have thought it?


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