Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Four months in, nine days left.

Well hello there,
I thought it would be fun to add to the already ridiculous workload by starting a blog. I was meant to start this when I began pre-production on the Bilderberg documentary but I just haven't had enough time to even think about starting it. After starting the Bilderberg film I made a short film about the Southbank Skatepark, was trying to arrange interviews, doing research, going to meetings and documentary summits, all the while working a full time job. It's been crazy. What I have been doing is trying to keep up with a diary which I'm hoping is making sense. I try and write in it everyday but there are occasions where I'll go a week without writing a thing. I feel bad for writing. I feel like I could be doing something film related. It's a guilt thing.
But enough of that...where are we now?
Well, with only nine days left until the Bilderberg Conference in Watford, I'm starting to worry a little bit. I basically have a week to get as much footage as possible. I'm thinking of adopting a 'film anything that moves' strategy. Whether my batteries and memory cards will adhere to this is another story, but I really don't want to miss anything. Even after the conference I still have about three or four months to collect interviews and footage. One of my main problems is my story arc keeps changing. At first I was planning my film around me not attending the conference and not getting any footage from the meeting itself, then it landed on my doorstep and had to change my approach. Then I wanted to show how nobody knows about the conferences but from what I hear, thousands of people will be turning up to protest. I just can't catch a break. Hence the 'shoot anything that moves' strategy with the hope that the story will present itself to me.
I'm still waiting to hear back from a few key interviewees. Will report back with news on that. I'm off to work on the film for a while, even if it is for an hour before the guilt really takes over.

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